Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 of My Favorite Quotes About Football

In 27 years of my life, I had listen/saw to many quotes from all people around the world about the football.Here are 10 of my favorite quotes about football. 

''In five years I have never had a match where my team has had less possession than the opponents.''
- Jose Mourinho (Special One, truly special)

                                                                         I'm the special ONE.!!

9. “Most football teams are temperamental. That's 90% temper and 10% mental.”
-Doug Plank

3. “We can't run. We can't pass. We can't stop the run. We can't stop the pass. We can't kick. Other than that, we're just not a very good football team right now.”
-Bruce Coslet

I never leave it until the next day. I don't believe in that. Some managers wait until Monday when things are calmer but I want to let it go after the game because I am already planning for the next game.
- Alex Ferguson ( Winners of 11 titles of EPL with Manchester united)

                                                     Can I have a dozen of hairdryer?.In case i need to use more this season.

''If a team is to reach its potential,each player must be willing to subordinate his personal goals to the good of the team.''
-Bud Wilkinson

''No talking. Talking doesn't play football, talking isn't going to make you practice harder or play harder.''
-Ken Simonton

“Football is an honest game. It's true to life. It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life.”
-Joe Namath (American Football Player Legend)

“Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second.”
-Paul "Bear" Bryant

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.”  
- Bill Shankly (Greatest The Reds Manager)

“Football is a simple game based on the giving and taking of passes, of controlling the ball and of making yourself available to receive a pass. It is terribly simple.” - Bill Shankly

                                              The greatest of Liverpool FC Manager till now

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