Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My top 10 of January Transfer 2011

Apa lagi yang boleh dikata.Life must go on! Manchester U can lived without Ronaldo and Arsenal can lived without Henry as well as AC milan can survived without Kaka.So can Liverpool survive without Torres.Of course CAN!! No one bigger than a club and fans.Walaupun dengan nada yang teramat kecewa(sebab dia ke Chelsea), thats showed hows football can be so cruel. Lupakan Torres and Liverpool akan memulakan fasa baru tanpa pemain ini. Berapa banyak yang Liverpool laburkan untuk Suarez dan Carrol tidak penting sebab its better than got nothing right?Bawah ni adalah 10 January Transfer yang bukan terbaik tetapi yang paling menarik perhatian.

1. Torres(Liverpool) to Chelsea (est 58.8 mil pound in total) - Can we expected on these? absolutely not. Well known world class striker and superb addition to Blues squad.
2. Andy Carroll(Newcastle) to Liverpool (35 mil pound cash) - 21 years old, first season on premier league season, only one cap in England shirt and no experience in Champions League/Europa League but who cares?.Kenny take big gamble on that and hope worth it.

3. Luis Suarez(Ajax) to Liverpool(est 26.5 mil pound) - 23 tahun dan penjaring utama dan juga ketua pasukan kelab Ajax.Hes the one of brightest talent across Europe.Future legend at Anfield 

4. Darren Bent(Sunderland) to Aston Villa(est 24 mil pound) - Cost Charlton Athletics for 2.5 mil pound and the spurs for 16.5 mil pound.Sunderland paid 10 mil pound for his services and then break a bank for Aston Villa for 24 mil pond move.I'll think because he is English! Bent History

5. Koo Ja Cheol(Jeju United) to Wolfsburg (2 mil pound) - After superb performance at Asian Cup 2011 when he hit 5 goal and do 3 assists, Wolfsburg do their business and the most important he is Asian!!!huuuu

6. Yuto Nagatomo(Cesena) to Inter Milan (loan) - When many pundits and fan expected than Inter will made a big money move for Gareth Bale or Fernando Torres, they made a surprised too with signing of Nagatomo from Italian outfit Cesena. What a move !!!

7. Ali Karimi to Schalke 04 (und fees) - Known as Wizard of Tehran in his home town, he's back for 2nd spell in Bundesliga after Bayern Munich.Good to see him back! and he Asian too.

8. David Luiz(Benfica) to Chelsea - 23.1 mi pound was reasonable price for this lad. Young, physically strong and he is Brazil international.Good buy from Chelsea.

9. Giampaolo Pazzini(Sampdoria) to Inter Milan (13 mil pound + Players) - what a buy.Only 26 years old,proven goal scorer and Italian international. UK market is going so CRAZY!! 

10. Shinji Okazaki (shimizu S Pulse) to VFB Stuggart(und fees) - Another Asian talent who will made his trade at Bundesliga. Pretty damn good player.

Nasib baiklah Safee Sali tak berpindah ke Liga Indonesia kala ini.Kalau tak termasuk dalam post aku.Maybe next summer.Chewah ada summer ke kat Asean ni.hahaha...


Berto said...

semakin ramai player asia ke eropah..good for AFC. btw, ramai member yg sokong Liverpool rasa 35million for Andy Carrol adalah overprice n overrated. tp rasanya, berbaloi juga

Seizer said...

rugi honda tak mai Liverpool..

memang liverpool paling feymes januari nih!

Tengku Sidek said...

overpriced for SURE..but better than nothing..good prospect..

Tengku Sidek said...

seizer..honda patut laju tapi Keisuke Honda ni slow..aku rasa tak sesuai kat Liverpool kot..slow sgt dan malas2..payah nak kene dengan corak liga EPL..hehehe

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