Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our performance for group stage (Piala Suzuki AFF 2010)

                                  We had done it..!!!

Congratulation to our national squad lead by K.Rajagopal on their advanced to semifinal stage. The 1st leg will be held at Bukit Jalil Stadium on 15 December 2010 and the 2nd leg will be schedule on 18th December 2010.An opponent will be Champion of Group B, Vietnam..bring it on!!!

Honestly, Indonesia deserved to be top of Group A and others opponent includes Malaysia is in the same level for these tournament. Even Malaysia got a big win against LAOS in final game on group stage, its showed that LAOS who were well controlled the games but lacking only for final touch to get a goal. Malaysia on others side was lucky to get three goal cause by awful defending works by LAOS defender especially their captain Kitsada. The others two goal is on well taken chance from a counter attacks.

Whoever country on the sheet today, Malaysia really need to work hard on especially on their  passing.As we know that K.Rajagopal molded on simple play and simple pass but so far  that not well worked as per expected.

Here was my opinion on Malaysia's performance on previous three games against Indonesia, Thailand and LAOS: 

On losses 1-5 to Indonesia: Totally outclassed and outscored.Even Indonesia got at least 4 goal from poor defending works by our defender but full credit to them for well taken chances that their had on that game.'Import' player is second issued to me.Whoever player played in these tournament were legal and allowed by FIFA. That the important thing. We cant do anything about that.

On draw 0-0 with Thailand: Again, our passing were to bad all around the pitch but with Thailand preferred on long shot we close to come as a winner if Amri, Khyrill and Kunanlan take their chance.We defend quite well with no mistake as per 1st game against Indonesia.

On win 5-1 against LAOS: Pressure on, but K.Rajagopal and Co reacted quite well.That showed we had strong character even most of players is still under 25 years old. Not the best performance but enough to get full 3 points. Amri might have the best game for himself so far but its Idlan who worked behind the scene for at least three goal.

                                                     On the top form..Idlan Talaha

Tengku's rates :

1. Khairul Fahmy(7/10)- One of my favorite player.Calm and confident.Play really well and he deserved to got Best Goalkeeper award last month.Should keep his place for semifinals.

2. Asraruddin Putra(5/10) - I'm not fan of him.Got pace but lacking on awareness of the game and opponent. His positioning so poor.Expected to be replace by Sabree Abu for semis.

3. Razman Roslan:(4/10) - Got started for 1st game but to be one of four defender to allow Indonesia got 5 goal not help him at all. Mahalli to replace him.

4. Muslim Ahmad: (6/10)-Made amend against Thailand and LAOS game for his poor performance on first game.Surely missing his partner, Aidil Zakuan.We also....Keep him!!

5. Fadhli Shas(5/10) - Unfortunate for him to get fever for last game against LAOS.Do quite well on Thailand match but poor on 1st game losses to host.More aggressive 

6. Faizal Mohamad(5/10) - Hard to rate him because he only started for one games.Its on 5-1 win to LAOS.On the bench for semifinal.

7.Sabree Abu (6/10)-start form the bench on early two games but got nod for last game.Do really well on attacking and defending works.Should keep his name on K.Rajagopal sheet.

8.Amirulhadi Zainal(6/10)- Did really well on last game vs LAOS.His ability to score from center and his pace was a big asset for Rajagopal but sometimes lacked on defending works..Should start for semifinal.

9.Safiq Rahim (6/10) - Carried a big weight on his shoulder as a captain for national squad.Still on learning process. His energy is a asset but need to work hard on his passing..Should keep that armband until Aidil make a come back from injury hell.

10.Amar Rohidan (5/10) - natural defensive midfielder but prefer Guru on that position because lacked of idea and pace.His long range passing also poor but good in positioning. Expected to be on the bench if Guru back to 100% fit.

11.S.Kunanlan (6/10) - Started for all three match.Good in tracked back and full of stamina.Lacked on 1 by 1 situation.Cause of limited choice, he should start for first leg semifinal.

12. Idlan Talaha (7.5/10) - Best player for group stage.His ability to beat defender and his pace cause menace in front of opponent goal.Got two goal  and 1 assist on the process.First name on Rajagopal sheet.

13.Safee salee (6/10) - His physical strength is a asset to the team. Can play as lone striker if Raja decide to move Idlan behind him.Should start alongside Idlan for semis.

14.Khyrill Muhaimeen (5/10) - Just back from serious injury (ACL - anterior cruciate ligament) is not easy at all. Need time because he had good pace and skills.On the bench.

15. Izzaq (4/10)- Only 10 minutes on the field but his height and physical strength is looking good. Backup for Safee and Idlan.On the bench. 

16.Mahali Jasuli (5/10) - Fine fullback.His positioning was good and also his stamina.Go for  next games.

Malaysia need to get strong result on first leg for sure..


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