Wednesday, May 11, 2011

They Just Deserved It

                           Its can be wrote in less than 60 second but Alex need more 
                                                        than 20 years to achieve it

No Beckham No Problem
No Ronaldo No Problem
No Van Nistelrooy No Problem
No Cantona No Problem
No Peter Schmeichel No Problem

Because Alex had...

Rooney,Hernandez,Nani,Vidic,Evra,Van Der Sar
and many others...

Hard to say and honestly hate to say it but yes...Alex Ferguson was the best in the business!!!

To Liverpool FC - Forget it about our 18th title which stuck in some point for a very long time..Now its time to chase it and i still believe that Kenny Daglish will bring back the title to Anfield soon..


Hadzeri said...

mmg diakui Alex Ferguson berjaya menjadikan MU sbg sebuah club yg power!! Tp ape yg menariknya, Liverpool tetibe jd hebat sejak kemasukan Kenny Daglish dan Luis next season, pasti musim depan x mudah bg MU huhu..

Tengku Sidek said...

yupp..consistency is the key...

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