Monday, April 18, 2011

Thats What We Call A Beautiful Of The Game

Time to change your weapon, Wenger
Bad luck? Referee mistake? Lucas was a diver like Ronaldo, Nani?..Forget it Wenger.That was an excuses for a loser. Liverpool got Aurelio injured after only 20minutes, vice captain Carra and Carroll after 60 minutes and replaced by 17 years old Jack Robinson, sloppy Kyrgiakos and 18 years old ShelveyThen, your squad cant take advantage on that! That your mistake, not somebody else..At the end of the day..that what we call a beautiful of the game.

More suprised that Jay Spearing had named a Man of The Match for his excellent displayed. He is only 22 years old.But the only question is can he bring Liverpool to next level, too soon to talk about it but there has some hope..Thanks Kenny! Who said Liverpool youngster is rubbish??..Who said that was a truly rubbish! hahaha...

Meriam zaman lapok dah tak efisyen
Alex just waste no time to go at Emirates Stadium when he got a jackpot..2 points drop was a big blow for the gunners and meant 6 point advantage for reds devils with 6 more games to go.

Its hard to say but honestly that Manchester United will bang their 19th title soon and they just deserve it!

BUT ynwa till the end..

Full Result: Arsenal (1) vs (1) Liverpool    Ars: Van Persie 90' pen  Liv: Kuyt 90' pen      


Filippo said...

walaupon xdpt 3 point,
tp rekod bersih arsenal xpenah tewas gelanggang sendiri pada liverpool sejak tahun 2000 kekal

sila klik

Berto said...

dramatic ending. kadang-kadang kesian tgk arsenal ni. hahah

Tengku Sidek said...

dari musim kemusim..wenger tak serik2 guna players muda..cepat panas...pastu sejuk dihujung musim..hahaha

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