Monday, March 21, 2011

Revenge Accomplished at Stadium of Light

We all remembered how a 'beach ball' got a winner at the same stadium last season when Liverpool lost 0-1 scored by Darren Bent.But yesterday we got a revenge on that when Spearing caught by Mensah and the linesman showed a signal for penalty kick even referee gave a free kick on early decision. We had a last laugh at last.hahaha..Sorry Steve Bruce.Its just not your day, MR BRUCE!

2-0 win lift The reds just 4 point behind Spurs and 8 point to last spot for Champions League place on Manchester City. With 8 games left and will face both team at Anfield, we can expect something from that.DREAM FOR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SPOT! Its too early to talk but the main thing is getting a 3 point even play bad!

Tengku's Man Of The Match - Luiz Suarez.
Again and again, he was a main man for yesterday victory against unlucky Sunderland and his skills, awareness and  never say die attitude made him an instant hero at Anfield.


                                                            Brilliant goal by Luiz Suarez

                                                     SB for 'Sunderland Budussss'..hahaha 


Wan Gerrard said...

superb goals from Suarez ^_^

jilah said...

yep...he is our hero..i like his attitude.
p.s READ the LFC interview "I always want more. I always want my team to perform to their best. We can win 4-0 but I want to win by eight. I don't like to lose. I never accept defeat" YNWA!

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